Mulches Here at Easton Sod Farms!
Delivery is available straight from sod store locations! Please call to set up delivery today. Pick-up is available 6 days a week.
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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Mulch from us at Easton Sod Farms, Oklahoma and Kansas Sod Professionals! 

  • We carry Cedar, Pine, Black and Red Hardwood Mulch.
  • Mulch is sold per cubic yard.
  • We can load your pick-up truck or your trailer on site.
  • We also offer delivery. Can deliver up to 5 cubic yards per delivery

Easton Sod Mulches Include:

CEDAR MULCH – Great for starting a new flower bed or expanding an established one. – Finely ground up and shredded. – Good for detracting insects. – Also good for weed control. – Both renewable and recycled, comes straight from the bark of cedar trees. BLACK MULCH – Helps  prevents the growth of weeds, decreasing the amount of weed killer needed as well as manual labor in removing weeds. During the cold months black mulch attracts more sunlight, providing better insulation for your plants than other colors. – Eye catching appearance. – Makes plants colors stand out in flower beds. RED MULCH – Color in mulch helps promote plant growth. – Good for vegetable gardens. Especially good for tomatoes and strawberries. – Make green plants look plusher. PINE BARK MULCH – Attractive appearance. – Slow to decompose and generally lasts a year or more. – Can be used as a soil conditioner. Not sure how much mulch you need to cover your area? This square footage chart for cubic yards needed for depth of mulch should help.     Why do you need mulch?