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We work with the Oklahoma State University Turfgrass Program! 

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Recent NFL survey shows 70% of the players prefer to play on natural turf! Here at Easton Sod Farms Inc we are making use of the most up-to-date technology and the latest methods in sports field construction and design. Because of this we are able to offer extensive experience in the design and construction of sports fields for every purpose.

“The entire upper level of existing vegetation down to the soil is accurately removed.  All unwanted grass is discharged into a trailer and removed from the field.  We can remove upto 2 inches of material leaving a clean, smooth level surface for sprigging or sodding.”

-John Easton, Easton Sod Farms

What do Natural Turf playing surfaces offer?

  • A fraction of the initial cost of synthetic
  • Lower long term costs – artificial sport fields require replacement every 8-10 years. A natural Sports Turf field could be renovated up to 3 times in that time frame at a lower cost.
  • Natural turf provides cooler playing surfaces
  • Recent NFL survey shows 70% of the players prefer to play on natural turf:

Patriot bermudagrass-Berryhill Public Schools, Berryhill, Ok

Easton Sod Farms grows certified grasses State Certified and proven and tested turfgrasses for your  sports field.

Suggested grasses for sports:  Patriot, Latitude 36, Northbridge, Astro

Easton Sod Farms located now offers renovation services for natural turf playing services. Utilizing the specialized equipment, Easton Sod Farms removes all the existing playing surface and replaces it with one of our State Certified proven and tested varieties of sports turf. Give us a call and arrange an onsite visit where we can explain what we can do for your field today!