Rail Road / Cross ties

Our ties are heavy duty weighing in from 180-230lbs

Easton Sod stocks high quality Premium Ties. These are very popular for landscaping applications. Four good solid sides. No rot, minimal plate wear and minor end splitting.
Popular for flower bed borders, retaining walls, flower bed boxes, stairs and much more.
Our cross ties, like most railroad ties, are extremely heavy duty, weighing in from 180-230 lbs. Anything you make out of these is going to be heavy duty, and will last for years.
Cross-ties come banded to 16 in a bundle.
Railroad ties are long, rectangular wooden pieces that are used as cross ties beneath railroad tracks. They’re often treated with creosote to help preserve and protect the wood. When railroad tracks are upgraded or torn out, the ties are sometimes sold and repurposed. Railroad ties are often used in landscaping. They are economical and easy-to-use. Railroad ties can be used to build rustic retaining walls, raised flower bed, borders, steps and more.
You can still buy them individually for the same low price.

Railroad Ties Wholesale

Premium Cross ties

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