When it comes to grass no one has a greater variety then right here at Easton Sod Farms in Oklahoma and Kansas. We carry a great selection of grasses for every type of project whether it be professional or home landscaping. The company has been around since 1973 and has worked with a vast variety of people and professionals over the years. This includes the Kansas City Chief, Oklahoma State University, Indianapolis Colts and many more throughout the Midwest. We have over 40 years of knowledge and no one knows more about sod then we do. We have been ranked one of the number choices when it comes different types of grasses in our area. We can help you find the right one by going over the types of grasses with you. Choices include Buffalo Grass, Astro, Heartland Supreme Fescue, Patriot Grass, Quickstand, Tifway and many more. Find the right grass for your project and call today!

Easton Sod Farms is the number one spot for contractors and homeowners when it comes to purchasing a good amount of grass. You won’t find a more professional or passionate team then right here at Easton Sod Farms in Oklahoma. We are ready to help you in any way that we can! Meet with the team here at store and let us take you on a tour of the different types of the grass. Find the sod that is right for you at Easton Sod Farms today in Oklahoma and Kansas.


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