For the “Do It Yourselfer”

For the “Do It Yourselfer” 


Are you a Do It Yourselfer? If you are we have great news for you here at Easton Sod Farms. We not only provide the top quality turfgrass for your project but we give a Step by Step Guide to help you measure, prepare and install your sod. Never hesitate to call the leading experts in sod here at Easton Sod Farms. Our goal is to help you in anyway that we can from choosing the right sod, how much sod and giving you the knowledge to make your project come to life! The customers and contractors have been relying on Easton Sod Farms for the last 40 years. Getting you the right grass and answering everything you ask! Today is a great day to start!

  • What does Certified variety mean?

The Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association in cooperation with Oklahoma State University is the official seed and sod certifying agency for Oklahoma. Sod certification is a program that involves verification and purity of specific varieties produced by the sod grower. It certifies to the purchaser that a particular variety is what the grower says it is. Before a variety is certified the field has to be pre-inspected to insure that no other foreign grasses are present to contaminate the variety being planted. The sprigs or stolons then have to originate from a Foundation or Registered source to insure purity. Then the field has to be re-examined by the Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association for final certification. Not all varieties of turfgrass are available for the certification process.

  • How do you measure how much sod is needed to cover an area?

A = 3.14 x R2
Example: Circle’s radius (r) is 10 feet. Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared, thus:
A = 3.14 x 102
A = 3.14 x 100
A = 314 square feet


Sod Measurement

Typical Sod Measurement

A = Base x Height
Example: ‘B’ase is 10 feet, and the ‘H’eight is 10 feet, thus:
A = 10′ x 10′
A = 100 square feet

A = (Base x Height)
Example: ‘B’ase is 10 feet, and the ‘H’eight (base to point) is 20 feet, thus:
A = 10′ x 20′ A = 200
A = 100 square feet

Break the free-form area to obvious forms and calculate each form’s area. Once each form is calculated, add the areas together to derive a total area.

Install Guide

Seasonal Care 


Other Resources 

Print Maintenance Guide Here: Sod Maintenance

We provide you with the information you need to move forward in bringing your project to life! Surround your home with the best grass in the industry and watch it flourish as time goes by. At Easton Sod we want to do everything we can to help you move forward and watch your project be a huge success! The company has over 4 decades of knowledge, skill and experience when it comes to handling turfgrass. Don’t put it off any longer! Find out what you need to know to start moving forward.

Easton Sod Farms has had the great opportunity to work with the professionals and the homeowners. If there is anyone who can lead you in the right direction, it is going to be Easton Sod Farms. Rely on the number one choice for homeowners throughout the Midwest and sports teams including the Kansas City Chiefs, Oklahoma State University and many more! Trust Easton Sod Farms in Oklahoma and Kansas to lead you in the right direction from start to finish.


Call one of our locations today to get started! Talk with one of our full time team members awaiting your call. You can have the yard you have always dreamed of. Easton Sod Farms leads you one step closer towards the American dream. You won’t be disappointed! For the Do It Yourselfers, we are here to help you do it.