Easton Sod Farms Oklahoma and Kansas Sod Professionals 

Easton Sod Farms carries fertilizer to fit your own need.  From 10-20-10 to 46-0-0 to Organic,  Easton Sod Farms has the fertilizer needed for any newly sodded or already existing lawn. Easton Sod Farms recommends fertilizing in the early spring and following at 30-day intervals. Upon completions of the sodding your lawn should be fertilized within 20-30 days to give it a good start. Any time the grass turns yellowish-green more than likely it needs fertilizing.  To spread the fertilizer, we recommend using a rotary spreader as it is the easiest and fastest way.

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If your still not sure on what you need for your lawn, Easton Sod Farms in Tulsa can help you determine what fertilizer is going to be best suited for your lawn.

A well fertilized healthy yard is the best defense against weed invasions.  But if you do run into problems, we have just what you need.  From per-emergent to help prevent seed germination to post emergents which kills the weed.

To rid yourself of broad leaf weeds, a post-emergent chemical is normally used. They are most effective when the weed is vigorous and the temperatures are warm. Crabgrass is easily controlled with a pre-emergent chemical in order to get the seeds waiting to sprout in the early spring.

Milorganite Lawn Fertilizer


An excellent lawn fertilizer, Milorganite (6-2-0) contains 4% iron. Grass leaves take up this iron, giving them a deep green color. However, unlike high nitrogen fertilizers, iron does not make plants grow fast. The result is a lawn with the color you desire without excessive growth (and mowing!). For the best part, this deep green color stays with the lawn through hot, dry summer months. Plus, because this iron is organically complexed, it does not stain concrete, like yourdrives, patios, sidewalks or other areas. Ideal for trees, shrubs and ornamentals, too! Pelleted for easy application. Will not burn and safe for the environment. 50 lb. bag covers 3,100 sq. ft. Ingredients: Biosolids (activated sewage sludge).

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