Cody Bufallo Grass

Cody Buffalo has deep green color and fine leaf that greens up well in spring.

Cody Buffalo

Easton Sod Farms offers a bluegrass blend consisting of varieties more adapted to southern climates and shaded conditions. Buffalograss is a warm season, native prairie grass. Many turf-like varieties have been recently developed and are now available. It is a warm season growing turfgrass with multiple use applications. It has a fine leaf texture that maintains a grayish-green color. It is recommended for low maintenance lawns, commercial sites, roadsides, athletic fields and golf courses.

Demonstrates good performance in shaded areas. Will tolerate up to 65% shade when mowed to height of 2″.

Has excellent heat and cold tolerance – easily tolerates conditions in all the growing zones serviced by Easton Sod Farms

Enters dormant stage in winter months.

Will tolerate sustained periods of drought if well established.

It has good wear tolerance. It has a fairly shallow root system and should be limited to areas receiving moderate traffic. It spreads by rhizomes in warm season and has good recovery to injury.Cody Buffalo Sod


The amount and frequency of watering, mowing and fertilizing depends upon the desired appearance of your turfgrass. Guidelines for maintenance procedures are offered below as good rules of thumb to follow on an as needed basis in maintaining healthy turfgrass with an attractive appearance.

One of the most drought tolerant grasses available. After initial establishment, very little watering is required.

Will tolerate frequent and close mowings or left unmaintained will grow to height of 5-6 inches. Recommended mowing height is 2 to 3 inches. Suggested not removing more than 1/3 of the leaf growth during a single mowing.

Apply 1 to 2 lbs per SF of a full analysis fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphate and potassium; such as 19-19-19 twice per year. Suggest obtaining a soil test for specific fertilizer requirements.

Weed growth competes with turfgrass growth. Good maintenance practices of your turfgrass helps eliminate weed problems. However, it may be necessary even under the best of turfgrass care, to apply herbicides to maintain weed free turfgrass. Contact your local County Extension agent or herbicide dealer for recommendations for your type turfgrass. Herbicides containing 2-4D may not be utilized for weed control on Buffalograss.

Note: Due to varying soil conditions and fluctuating weather patterns, it is impossible to offer general maintenance guidelines that an perfect for individual sites and situations. Please contact your local County Extension Office or Easton Sod Farms for specific questions.

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Cody grass was bred as a superior drought-tolerant sod. Additionally, it has a deep green color and fine leaf that greens up well in spring. The sod is tolerant in a wider range than Bowie grass. It has the ability to survive in north central, southern and southwest regions of the U.S. Its early fall dormancy allows it to survive and thrive in the more northern region. Cody keeps a low growth habit and requires little maintenance, making it a good choice for lawns, golf courses, parks, acreage, roadsides and medians.

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