Earn GMG Bucks at Easton Sod Farms

Now through March 31, 2015, you can earn GMG BUCKS by purchasing a Green Mountain Grill from Easton Sod Farms. GMG Bucks can be redeemed at Easton Sod Farms toward the purchase of GMG accessories such as pellets, rubs, sauces, and more!

Davy Crockett grill – earn $30 GMG BUCKS

Daniel Boone grill – earn $75 GMG BUCKS

Jim Bowie grill – earn $100 GMG BUCKS

Don’t wait! Offer ends March 31st, 2015, and the last day to use your bucks is April 30th, 2015.

Win Sod at Bixby FFA Event

Easton Sod Farms has donated a pallet of bermuda to the Bixby FFA Pie and Labor Auction being held on Friday evening, March 6, 2015. Make plans to attend and place your bids to support the students of the Bixby FFA.

Bixby Ag. Building
on Mingo Rd. between 151st & 161st

Date/Time Information:
Friday, March 6, 2015
Free Chili Dinner @ 6:30 PM
Silent Auction from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Live Auction @ 7:30 PM

Contact Information:

Free to Attend
All proceeds go to support the Bixby FFA

Green Mountain Grills Sold Here

Easton Sod Farms is a distributor of Green Mountain Grills. These grills use wood pellets instead of charcoal or gas simply making the food taste better. There are four different sizes of grills: the Davy Crockett (small, many use this one for tailgating); the Daniel Boone (middle sized, most popular); the Jim Bowie (larger grill); and the Big Pig Trailer Rig. Easton Sod Farms keeps most grills and grill covers in stock, but if we don’t have something you want, we can always order more! Don’t forget to come by and get your wood pellets, sauces, and rubs from us too. Stock up now and get ready for that first warm Spring day to kick off your backyard BBQ season with the push of a button!

Cold Tolerant Bermudagrass

Easton Sod Farms carries two bermudagrass varieties that have exceptional cold tolerance. Developed by the Oklahoma State University Breeding Program, Latitude 36 Bermudagrass and Northbridge Bermudagrass seldom show any winter damage.

Some other traits of these grasses are fine textured blades, earlier spring green up, excellent overall turf quality, rapid sod production cycles, and excellent density ratings. Also, their excellent wear tolerance and rapid divot recovery makes them the perfect selection for home lawns, as well as, golf courses and sports fields.

Easton Sod Farms Has Ice Melt

Easton Sod Farms has ice melt. (50lbs. for $7). Come see us…we are open today!

Fresh Sod Today at Easton Sod Farms

We are cutting fresh sod today in preparation for the nice weather for the next two days. Come see us and spend some time in your yard this weekend!

Cool-Season Lawn Care

The best time to establish or overseed fescue is in September and October, BUT, it is ok to do these activities toward the end of February, during March, and the beginning of April as well. Keep the soil moist during establishment and when mature, moisten to 4-6 inches soil depth. Adjust watering based on the needs of the lawn and rainfall that occurs and not a set schedule. For more information about Cool-Season Lawn Care call us at 918-369-5850 (Bixby) or 405-749-1622 (Oklahoma City).

Natural Turf Field Renovation

Easton Sod Farms, Inc. offers renovation services for natural turf playing surfaces. Utilizing our specialized equipment we remove all the existing playing surface and replace it with one of our State Certified proven and tested varieties of sports turf.

Natural turf playing surfaces offer:
* A fraction of the initial cost of synthetic.
* Lower long term costs – artificial fields require replacement every 8-10 years. A natural turf field could be renovated up to 3 times in that time frame at a lower cost.
* Natural turf provides cooler playing surfaces.
* Recent NFL survey shows 70% of the players prefer to play on natural turf.

Give us a call and arrange an onsite visit where we can explain what we can do for your field.


Super Bowl Weekend

One of the services Easton Sod Farms provides is the renovation of sport turfs. Common grasses used for sports fields are Patriot, Northbridge, Astro, or Latitude bermudas. All are dense, high performance, quality turf grasses that withstand higher traffic and have great wear resistance. In honor of Super Bowl Weekend, here is a little known fact about Easton Sod Farms: We provided Northbridge Bermuda sod to the Kansas City Chiefs and Patriot Bermuda sod to the Indianapolis Colts.

Installing Sod in Winter Months

People often ask, “Can I install sod in the winter?” The answer is, “YES!” A lot of sod is installed during its dormant stage. The key is keeping it watered because moisture can protect the sod from colder temperatures while a dry freeze can be very damaging. Never let newly installed sod dry out, especially in the winter.