Rain Bittersweet for Sod Farm

All the rain we have had since Sunday is a great drink for the sod, but at the same time, hinders business for the sod farm. With standing water in our sod fields, we will have to wait several days after the rains end before we will be able to get our equipment onto the fields to commence cutting and hauling sod. In the meantime, we have mulches, fertilizers, and seeds available in our stores. We appreciate your patience during this time and thank you for your loyalty.

Open Saturdays for the Season

All Easton Sod Farm locations are open on Saturdays beginning today, April 2, 2016 from 8:00 A.M. to Noon for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

Come see us for all your landscaping needs.

Even Eagles Like Our Sod

Sent in from one of our drivers who caught an eagle on camera in one of our fields collecting some broken pieces of Bermuda sod this morning:

Eagle 1. 2016-03-07 Eagle 2. 2016-03-07 Eagle 3. 2016-03-07


Support Bixby FFA

Bid on a pallet of bermuda sod donated by Easton Sod Farms at the Bixby FFA Pie & Labor Auction, Friday, March 4 at 6:30PM. There is also a FREE chili dinner and silent auction. All proceeds support Bixby FFA students.

A Beautiful Lawn

Our friends at Lawn America are an experienced team of lawn care professionals who help us take care of our sod plots in front of the store. They were recently here applying pre-emergent, but they have a specific schedule they follow to treat our sod plots throughout the year. Whether they are fertilizing or applying weed-control, Lawn America plays a big part in why our sod plots are healthy and beautiful.

Lawn America guarantees a beautiful lawn for residential and commercial customers. They offer several different lawn care programs based on any size yard and budget. Give them a call today at 918-249-LAWN (5296) to get your FREE estimate.

Lawn America blog

See Lawn America’s blog about mulch here:

Green Mountain Grills In Stock

We just got a new shipment of Green Mountain Grills! When you purchase a grill between now and February 29, 2016, you will receive a FREE GRILL COVER and a FREE WARRANTY UPGRADE. Take advantage of this EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and get a jump on Spring cookouts!

early bird

Green Mountain Grills Early Bird Special

Take advantage of our Early Bird Special which is a FREE Grill Cover and FREE Warranty Upgrade with the purchase of any Green Mountain Grill. Offer expires February 29, 2016.

Visit us at Easton Sod Farms to purchase the grill model that is right for you. We will give you the grill cover and you will send in a copy of your invoice/receipt to GMG to redeem your upgraded warranty.

Get a jump on Spring/Summer cookouts with a new grill!




We received a fresh supply of firewood yesterday. Stock up for the remainder of Winter or get your fire pit supply for Spring.


Feels Like Spring

We started replenishing our mulch supplies this week. With the 73 degree sunny day we’re having today and the fresh smell of mulch, it feels and smells a lot like spring around the sod farm!

Mulch 2016

Weed Control: Preemergent

When the weather is cold, it is sometimes difficult to begin thinking about lawn care. But, February is upon us which means it is time to start thinking about weed control: preemergent.

Below are some basic weed control suggestions. READ AND FOLLOW ALL LABEL DIRECTIONS.

For Fescue: Early February – Early March

Preemergent Grass Control – (pick only one, products with “**” are best, REMEMBER DO NOT APPLY PRIOR TO SEEDING OR LAYING SOD). A second application may be needed, see labels for details.
dithiopyr** (DIMENSION®️) – preemergent activity
pendamethalin** (SCOTT’S HALTS®️ and many others)
prodiamine** (BARRICADE®️) – on fertilizer particle
oryzalin** (SURFLAN®️) – if Kentucky bluegrass is present, consider another herbicide
oryzalin+benefin (XL2G®️, AMAZE®️) – if Kentucky bluegrass is present, consider another herbicide
siduron (TUPERSAN®️) – use only if seeding in spring and in fescue, bluegrass, or ryegrass only. TUPERSAN®️ is weak but is the only preemergent herbicide that can be used at seeding time on cool-season turf grass.

Preemergent Broadleaf Control

isoxaben (GALLERY®️, PORTRAIT®️)

For Bermuda

Preemergent Crabgrass Control – February 20 to March 5 (pick only 1, products with “**” are best)
dithiopyr** (DIMENSION®️) – preemergent activity
pendamethalin** (SCOTT’S HALTS®️ and many others)
prodiamine** (BARRICADE®️) – on fertilizer particle
oryzalin** (SURFLAN®️) – on fertilizer particle
oryzalin+benefin (XL2G®️, AMAZE®️)

Preemergent Broadleaf Control – August 25 to September 15
isoxaben (PORTRAIT®️) – fall use to prevent winter broadleaf weeds