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Tips and Tricks to maintain your lawn by the team at Easton SOD

What is Sprigging


Sprigging is a method of propagation a turfgrass variety by planting sprigs.  The sprigs root into the soil and eventually spread to cover the sprigged area. The length of time required to cover an area from sprigs depends on several factors. The sprigging rate, usually measured in bushels per acre, is a factor because the more sprigs per square foot,…

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How to read Fertilizer Label


To purchase and apply turfgrass fertilizers intelligently, one must be able to read and understand a fertilizer label. Every fertilizer must be labeled stating guaranteed chemical analysis of the material and, in almost all cases, the following label information: the name or brand potential acidity manufacturer’s name and address net weight of the fertilizer in the bag The guaranteed analysis…

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Laying Your Sod


Sod is a living plant has been harvested leaving fifty percent of its roots behind. It is important that sod be installed as soon as possible following delivery. During hot weather (90° or above), the sod should be installed within 24 hours or it may spoil. In cooler winter temperatures, sod can survive for about a week on the pallet.…

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