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Sprigging, Hydro-mulching, Plugging ect.









Big roll sod installation is best suited for larger, open areas. This method offers quicker installation times with fewer seams between the sod rolls. A thin layer of nylon netting is attached as the sod is harvested allowing for greater sod strength as it is transported and installed.



Hydromulching is a process of applying seed, fertilizer and wood fiber or paper mulch in one step. The mulch serves as a temporary cover which enhances rapid seed germination and stabilization. Hydrosprigging is the same type process utilizing ground up turf grass stolons instead of seed. This allows for this type application for hybrid turf grasses that will not grow from seed. The main advantage of hydroplanting seed or stolons is that minimum soil tillage is required for areas where the final grade is not to be disturbed and also useful in areas where equipment operation is difficult.



Sprigging is an economical method of establishing turf grasses on large areas where time for coverage is not a major factor. (for more info)



Plugging is a method of establishing turf grasses where sod is cut into small plugs and distributed over the target area. The main advantage of plugging is that the final grade of the area is not disturbed.



Vegetative mulching is an application of hay or straw ground up and distributed evenly over the top of a seeded area. The mulch serves as a seed stabilizer and helps retain soil moisture for enhanced seed germination and growth.



Drill seeding is a method of planting the seed directly into the soil over large areas. Depending upon seed type, time of year and grade of the site, vegetative mulching may be recommended.

Why Easton Sod ?

  • Convenient pick up locations in Tulsa, Bixby, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Wichita.
  • One of the only farms able to cut during and after rain
  • Supplies picked up with sod if necessary (one stop shop)
  • Grade A top quality sod
  • State of the art harvesting equipment
  • New updated delivery fleet
  • Forklift service included with delivery
  • Men to help handle load at pickup
  • Freshest cut turf grass available
  • Knowledgeable experienced staff
  • Big rolls available for large jobs
  • Our farm is fully irrigated – you get consistent quality even through the hot summer months
  • No weeds or crabgrass
  • Will deliver as little as 1000 sq ft.
  • We operate water trucks for sod, seed or sprig establishment where other water sources are not available.


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